Here are few strategies for preventing the spread of communicable disease and illness including COVID-19:
Modeling and enforcing appropriate sneezing and coughing behavior. Coughing into the elbow and shoulder, not into hands or open air. 
Frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Washing hands with soap before the start of the class. Students will be taught a correct hand washing techniques and there will be printed instructions in the bathroom too. Hand sanitizers will be available in the studio.
Pre-class screenings. We will ask that students with any illness to please stay home, as well as students who have been exposed to a person who is suspected to have contracted coronavirus or if the student has traveled out of the state within two weeks of the start of class.
A thermometer will be kept on-site and children will be sent home if they are feverish, cough or showing other signs of illness. 
All the shared supplies, including chairs, tables and easels will be sanitized in between uses.
Bathroom will be sanitized in between each use.
When possible some of the indoor classes will be moved outdoors on a nice day (not too cold or hot) to help limit the spread of germs (Arts & Crafts classes and sketchbook class).
Face coverings will be required to be worn by all staff members, older students and parents. Younger students will be encouraged to wear masks as well if possible.

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