Kristi Kirisberg Harmon is a realist figurative and portrait artist, who established her creative haven in the heart of Utah. Charcoal and oils are her chosen mediums, through which she channels vibrancy onto her canvases. In her artistic philosophy, each portrait becomes a vessel for narrating the rich tapestry of a life well-lived or commemorating those moments and individuals that grace our lives with joy.
Kristi is a representational painter, who demonstrates a remarkable ability to encapsulate the essence of her subjects. Yet, her artistic essence truly blossoms through the deliberate integration of controlled chaos within her compositions. Amidst meticulously crafted focal points, she fearlessly incorporates dynamic textures and expressive brushwork, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of classical realism and vibrant expressionism.
Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, Kristi's journey began as the second oldest among twelve siblings. Utah has been her home since 2003, she pursued her artistic education at Brigham Young University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. Her path led her to the realm of education at Brigham Young University as an art teacher soon after she had her first child. Guiding the next generation of artists, she focused on the nuanced techniques of figure drawing, gesture drawing, and portraiture within the illustration and animation program. Early in her career, she also lent her talents to creating custom artworks and illustrations for board games, books, theater productions, and dance concerts.
In the whispers of history's artistic luminaries like Richard Schmidt, Sargent, Bouguereau, and Waterhouse, Kristi finds her muse. Simultaneously, the contemporary impressionists of today weave threads of influence into her work, forming a dynamic tapestry that encapsulates both tradition and modernity.
Cultivated within a cultural milieu steeped in folklore and legends, Kristi's work carries a touch of enchantment. While rooted in the elegance of tradition, her portraits often embrace elements of magic and fantasy, offering viewers a glimpse into worlds beyond the ordinary.
Today, Kristi works as a freelance artist from her home studio. Beyond her canvas, she imparts her wisdom to aspiring artists through art classes at local universities such as Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University.
As her journey continues, Kristi Kirisberg Harmon's artistry illuminates the beauty of the human experience, enriching each stroke with narratives and memories that resonate with the heart.
Exhibitions and Competitions:

2022 12th International Art Competition
2021 Strokes of Genius 13: The Best of Drawing! 
2021 97th Annual Spring Salon
2020 96th Annual Spring Salon (Fall Edition)
2020 Utah County Portrait and Figure Exhibition
2019 34th Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah
2018 Scera Public Art Show and Competition: 2nd Place 
2018 Strokes of Genius 11: Finding Beauty
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