Kristi Kirisberg is a realist figurative and portrait artist living in Utah. Her preferred mediums are charcoal and oils. She paints with vibrancy and tries to capture not just people’s outer beauty but also the beauty of their souls, in addition adding something mystical and something magical to the themes of the paintings when possible.
Kristi was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia and was the second oldest of 12 kids. She joined the church with her family at the beginning of the church years in Estonia. In 2003 she moved to Utah to pursue higher education-- she was the first to do so in her family, and also gained the experience to live among so many other fellow Latter Day Saints. She is a mom to 4 very lively and artistic kids. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and worked with artists such as Robert Barrett, Richard Hull and Greg Newbold. 
Soon after she graduated and had her first child, she started working at BYU as an art teacher, mainly teaching figure drawing, gesture drawing, and portraiture to students in the illustration and animation program. At the beginning of the early years in her career she also created custom art pieces and illustrations for board game companies, book publishers, illustration firms, theater productions and dance concerts. 
Currently she works as a freelance artist from her home studio, teaches art classes and gives private lessons.

Exhibitions and Competitions:

2022 12th International Art Competition
2021 Strokes of Genius 13: The Best of Drawing! 
2021 97th Annual Spring Salon
2020 96th Annual Spring Salon (Fall Edition)
2020 Utah County Portrait and Figure Exhibition
2019 34th Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah
2018 Scera Public Art Show and Competition: 2nd Place 
2018 Strokes of Genius 11: Finding Beauty
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