Custom Commission Charcoal Portrait from a Photo (head and shoulders):
1 subject $450 on 22”x30” paper max
2 subjects $585 on 22”x30” paper max
3 subjects $720 on 22”x30” paper max
There will be additional costs if you need a half figure with hands, a full figure or a detailed background.

-Large original charcoal drawing on a white 22”x30” paper. You can request smaller sizes as well, but the price doesn't change if you get a smaller size. If you would like a drawing on a toned paper, they come in 18"x24" size.
-high-resolution digital file of the final charcoal portrait.
Your charcoal portrait will be drawn on an archival Strathmore Bristol board (it is a thicker cardboard-like paper) with a variety of charcoal mediums. The final drawing will be sprayed with fixative to keep the charcoal from smearing, but you still want to protect the drawing behind a frame with glass. Every charcoal portrait order includes a free high-resolution digital file of the final artwork. The custom charcoal portraits come unframed.

PRICES: Custom Commission Portrait Painting one subject:

$925 - 11x14 
$1155 - 12x16 
$1515 - 14x18 
$1920 - 16x20 
$3600 - 20x30
$3695 - 22x28
$4320 - 24x30
$5185 - 24x36
$5400 - 30X30
$7200 - 30x40
Need a different size, just email me to get a price quote (Price is $6 per square inch for a basic portrait painting). There will be additional costs if you need a full figure or a detailed background. Extra subject added to the painting is 25% more. 
-original oil painting 
-high-resolution digital file of the final oil painting
-The custom oil paintings come unframed.

-Fill out the preliminary questionnaire by clicking the black button at the top or bottom of the page.
-Email me photographs or request to schedule a photoshoot.
-I will contact you in couple of days with the price quote and available timeline to complete the project.
-When you are ready to proceed, you will receive a contract and 50% of the fee will be due.

-You have an option to email me several photos that you already have, or I can come and do a photoshoot with you or with your loved one. Extra travel fees will be added for travels out of Utah county.
-Email multiple photos of the subject, so we can select the best one for the artwork:
-High resolution photos. Make sure that the eyes of the subject are not blurred or pixelated when you zoom in to life size.
- The subject should be photographed with a high-quality camera and lens, preferably in soft natural lighting such as a north light window or overcast outdoors.
- No flash or high contrast sunlight/dark shadows.
- There should be minimal or no distortion (examples of distortion would be things like the head looking very large compared to the arms and body, etc.).
- Soft smiles or serene expression (big smiles are wonderful in photos but look odd in paintings!)
- Multiple photo references are always encouraged so that I can get a general idea of the subject's mannerisms, expressions, posture, and likeness in various lighting situations.

You pay 50% at the start of the project and the remaining balance will be due upon completion of the project. After you make the first payment, you have 24 hours to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

Payment Options:
I accept cash, Paypal, Venmo, or personal check. I can also offer monthly payment plans to fit any budget.
Original charcoal drawing will be ready to ship in 2-4 weeks after the down payment and receiving and confirming the suitable photo for the artwork. If you need to expedite the process, email me (extra charges may apply). Custom portrait paintings may take 2-6 months to finish and dry depending on the size and complexity of the project. 
Prices do not include framing, shipping and handling. 

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Instagram/FB: @KristiKirisbergArt
Call/text: (801) 473 7267
Venmo: @kristikirisbergart
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